Scouting Locations In Seattle

The Coffka Team spent the entire weekend scouting locations and was very fortunate to get couple verbal commitments from local business owners! These location were our first choice and we are glad that we will not have to settle for alternate locations. They are premium spots for us and each location has a perfect natural ambiance.

We would like to personally thank:

Cafe Venus & Mars Bar Pacific Inn Pub

We look forward to shooting in your esteemed establishments this fall.

When it comes to locations we are still searching for one pretty unique location. We need an old houseboat,  a medium size wood boat, or rustic looking boat that is up on stilts. We got to see some amazing locations this past weekend and found some perfect houseboats but do not have any confirmations on any of them for the shoot. So if anybody knows of an old houseboat please let me know. We do NOT want a nice houseboat with a view (aka. sleepless in Seattle). We need one that is very weathered and rustic looking. OR if anyone knows where a boat graveyard is in the city please let us know. It is only for a short shot but it is pretty important.

All of our locations are all wrapped up. We are working with a local REALTOR for a couple swank condos and all the rest are all wrapped up.

Also… We would like to thank all of those who have sent in their resume. We have been amazed by the interest in the project and the quality of the actors/actresses that have applied.

More to come soon…


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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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