Audition Saturday The 16th

The lines have been sent out, times disseminated, and confirmation numbers received. Everyone has been contacted. If you have not been contacted feel free to email us. Someone from the team has spoken to or corresponded with every person.

Part of the Coffka Team will be there. Glenn the director, Matthew the producer and a handful of staff members to make sure that the entire process goes smoothly. They tell me that they are looking forward to meeting everyone. They are confident that the perfect person is out there for each part.

The Seattle Film Institute is hosting the event. We will be meeting in the Main Room. It looks like a house. The entrance will be through the back door (the front door will be locked). Signs will be posted.

Seattle Film Institute – 8a-Noon

A couple people sent in emails asking if they should change their appearance at all for the parts or be concerned about the way they dress for the character. The simple answer is, no. Come as you are. Internalize the lines and the director will tell you which way to go with it from there.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone personally. Auditions are always full of positive energy and are a great deal of fun. We can’t wait.


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