Outstanding Auditions

The auditions on Saturday and Sunday were simply amazing. We would like to thank every person who took time out of their busy schedule to come to the Seattle Film Institute and audition on Saturday morning. The entire Coffka team was impressed by your professionalism and the quality of every single actor or actress. We held an alternate audition on Sunday night at the Viking for a handful who could not attend on Saturday. Attendance was amazing. Out of nearly 300 applicants we invited 30 to audition and we had 26 attend. Not bad.

The Coffka team will be reviewing all of the applicants again today to see who the best fit is. After a couple days we already have a good idea of who each character is shaping up to be. This is a very exciting process. We literally got to see 9 months worth of hard work, character formation, and script revision come to life when the talented actors/actresses ran through their lines, simply amazing.

One of the Coffka team members will be calling each applicant this week to let them know if they made the final cut or not. We can honestly say that we wish we could work with everyone who showed up to audition. Everyone was wonderful. We want to call everyone personally to thank them for their time and effort. We cannot wait to introduce everyone to the Coffka cast!


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