Your Coffka Cast Has Been Selected

It was a truly amazing process. The Coffka team walked into an audition room with a stack of papers and a day full of appointments and walked out with a complete cast. We have to admit that we were completely stunned by the quality and professionalism of every actor / actress that auditioned on Saturday and Sunday. Nearly 300 applicants were narrowed down to 30 and now 10 – what a month.

Auditions are always a surreal experience because the director and producer get to see words turned into life and breath by the actor. Characters that previously existed only in the mind of the author turn into flesh and blood right in front of their eyes. It is always fun to see the conversion of a person with a life and personality completely separate from the role, transform into the character and thoroughly make the role their own – no one else can even compete. In popular lingo – “That guy owned (pwned) that character.”  We saw it again and again at the audition.

We do have to admit that the quality and professionalism of each candidate made decision making quite difficult. The entire team debated over which actor/actress to use with great vigor. Throughout the process, we felt like we were picking between more than one outstanding option. It was not an easy process… However, each person is PERFECT for the role. We did not have to compromise in any way. We are still a little stunned.

Each cast member has been notified. The Coffka Team went the extra mile and contacted each person who did not make the final cut. They were all too good to just leave them hanging and we would love to work with some of them in the future.

You now have your cast. It is going to be very fun working with all of these professionals. We are looking forward to introducing them to you and we can’t wait for the first shoot on September 13!

We would like to personally thank the Seattle Film Institute for their hospitality.


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