Paul Eenhoorn – Cast Member Exposé

In our ongoing series, we are highlighting the incredible actors and actresses who have signed up to work with us on Coffka. Paul is a tremendous asset to the Seattle-area filmmaking community. Actors in his range with comparable talent and dedication are simply non-existent it seems. Paul has signed up to play the Doctor (“Dr. Shey”) in Coffka. We wish our own doctors could deliver our diagnoses with as much style as Paul does.

Paul Eenhoorn is an incredibly talented individual. He is one of those people who has been gifted by the gods with the right voice, look, and accent. He is one of the hardest working actors in the industry. Feel free to check out his demo by CLICKING HERE. It does not matter what role he is playing, Paul is fun to watch.

Regarding a recent film of Paul’s, Bill Murray (yes THE Bill Murray) said, “You delivered a most satisfying, believable performance in Warrior’s End. I ‘bought it.’ Actually, you and a couple of others were responsible for keeping the project fun to watch, but you nearly did it single-handedly. Way to go, Paul! Thanks for all you brought to Warrior’s End. From a personal, selfish standpoint, it’s always gratifying to call a shot and hit it, and I was totally confident in your ability to deliver. You did that, and much, much more.” These are the types of accolades that Paul gets over and over again. We are very excited to be working with a true professional like Paul.


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  1. […] the two photos Paul Eenhoorn (Dr. Shey) is on the left and Jayson Kochan (Clay) is on the right. Good new… Bad news? You […]

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