Agrippa Williams – Cast Member Exposé

Known for his deep, rich, bass baritone voice,  Agrippa is a performance poet, writer, actor, vocalist, model and inspirational speaker. He has performed on stage, radio, television and film.  His most recent films are Freedom State, Anathem, World’s Greatest Dad, Sacrifices of Hate and Slushai (Listen). His performance in Smokey Joe’s Cafe at the CapitaL Playhouse was absolutely amazing!

Agrippa is also known for his humanitarian nature.  In 2001, he donated a kidney to save the life of a complete stranger!  No longer a stranger, Bill calls Agrippa his Angel!  An avid golfer, Agrippa travels the country playing in celebrity golf tournaments to  help raise funds for at-risk children, breast cancer and many other worthy causes.

Oddly enough, Agrippa is playing an Angel in Coffka. His voice and command will make this another performance to remember. We here at Coffka are looking forward to his performance (if his audition was an indication of things to come, then this one is going to be good)!

Agrippa is looking forward to working with the Coffka Team and being a part of this wonderful endeavor. Be sure to check out his web site – – What a voice!. 



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