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Symetra Building – On Location
December 17, 2008

This shoot took us across Lake Washington into the heart of Bellevue Washington. The Symetra building is amazing and the grounds are well groomed. It was our first choice and it perfectly represents the place of employment for characters Marcus and Clay. The opening scene of the movie takes place at the Symetra building and it takes off with a bang!


Above is Jayson Kochan (Clay) and Ryan Cooper (Marcus) in the background. Clay is enjoying his favorite lunchtime snack… chicken.

dsc_0020Left to right we have Mike Gaston our esteemed cinematographer, Glenn Allyn our fearless director, Ryan Cooper (Marcus), and Jayson Kochan. They all gather around the monitor to take a look at the last take… which was wonderful by the way.

dsc_0022Whats with the blood? You better get that checked out! I hope that we don’t have a workman’s comp claim on our hands…


Doctor’s Office – On Location
December 9, 2008

One would think that booking a shoot at a doctor’s office would be easy… right? There are hundreds of doctors. offices spread around the the Seattle area… easy right? WRONG! This was the absolute hardest location for the producer and Coffka team to nail down. They finally found one and it was absolutely perfect.

We have to thank Paul Eenhoorn for this shoot. He really made the part of Dr. Shey come alive. We get goosebumps every time we think about it.

dsc_0050“Mr. Clay… Dr. Shey”

In the two photos Paul Eenhoorn (Dr. Shey) is on the left and Jayson Kochan (Clay) is on the right. Good new… Bad news? You are going to have to see Coffka to find out.

dsc_0056We can’t tell if this is one of those ominous stares (and terrific acting) or if it is just really late. By this time of the evening we were all a little tired. We started filming that day at 6am and went until 11pm and did not wrap and get back to Seattle until midnight! These guys are real troopers and consumate professionals. There is not a better crew in the world!

Venus Cafe / Marsbar – On Location
December 1, 2008

Things continue to motor right along. We can not believe all the exciting places that we have had the privilege to film. The Venus Cafe is one of those places. The atmosphere is electric and the food is out of this world. If you are looking for a great place for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast then this is the place. We had the privilege of filming in the Mars Bar and could not be happier with the location and the owners.

Christina Griffin - Venus Cafe

Christina - Venus Cafe

Christina our seductress looking as good as ever. She makes this part come alive!

Christina & Aaron

Christina & Aaron

We had the pleasure to cast the venerable Aaron Washington for the part of Leo – the bar owner. He could not have been more professional on the set. He really “brings it” – his smile is infectious, he is an amazing actor and he made this day of shooting fun.

Spin it DJ! & Mike our Cinematographer

Mike our Cinematographer & DJ Sam

This whole project would not happen if it were no for people like Mike Gaston. He is one of the most talented people we have ever met. We would also like to thank Sam for playing Derrik the DJ.

Sharing a drink... Conspiring together...

Sharing a drink... Conspiring together...

We would like to thank everyone who made this shoot possible. We would recommend that everyone stop by the Marsbar for a drink some evening or the Venus Cafe for Breakfast – Thanks Katy!

Updates are back and will be a weekly thing again. Congratulations to Matt our producer who is now the daddy of a healthy little girl named Adeline. Babies take up so much of ones free time!