Doctor’s Office – On Location

One would think that booking a shoot at a doctor’s office would be easy… right? There are hundreds of doctors. offices spread around the the Seattle area… easy right? WRONG! This was the absolute hardest location for the producer and Coffka team to nail down. They finally found one and it was absolutely perfect.

We have to thank Paul Eenhoorn for this shoot. He really made the part of Dr. Shey come alive. We get goosebumps every time we think about it.

dsc_0050“Mr. Clay… Dr. Shey”

In the two photos Paul Eenhoorn (Dr. Shey) is on the left and Jayson Kochan (Clay) is on the right. Good new… Bad news? You are going to have to see Coffka to find out.

dsc_0056We can’t tell if this is one of those ominous stares (and terrific acting) or if it is just really late. By this time of the evening we were all a little tired. We started filming that day at 6am and went until 11pm and did not wrap and get back to Seattle until midnight! These guys are real troopers and consumate professionals. There is not a better crew in the world!


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