Symetra Building – On Location

This shoot took us across Lake Washington into the heart of Bellevue Washington. The Symetra building is amazing and the grounds are well groomed. It was our first choice and it perfectly represents the place of employment for characters Marcus and Clay. The opening scene of the movie takes place at the Symetra building and it takes off with a bang!


Above is Jayson Kochan (Clay) and Ryan Cooper (Marcus) in the background. Clay is enjoying his favorite lunchtime snack… chicken.

dsc_0020Left to right we have Mike Gaston our esteemed cinematographer, Glenn Allyn our fearless director, Ryan Cooper (Marcus), and Jayson Kochan. They all gather around the monitor to take a look at the last take… which was wonderful by the way.

dsc_0022Whats with the blood? You better get that checked out! I hope that we don’t have a workman’s comp claim on our hands…


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