Coffka Submitted To SIFF – Seattle International Film Festival

We got it done on time! With only a couple hours to spare, we hand delivered Coffka to the SIFF office in downtown Seattle. We will be on pins and needles for the next couple weeks while we wait to hear if we get accepted.

We can’t wait for everyone to see it at SIFF on the big screen. What an adventure.


Now that it is complete we can honestly say that the movie is GOOD. When someone takes into consideration all the obstacles, challenges, tight budget, and impossible time frame the movie is just that much more magical.  When we started this project over a year ago we put together a list of objectives. Now that we are done and reflecting on all of our goals we can honestly say that we blew all of our goals out of the water. Every aspect of the movie is better than we planned when we started.

Our goals were to: 1. Make a green movie using the least amount of resources as possible. Check. 2. Tell a compelling story that nobody has ever seen before. Check. 2. Have great cinematography and sound. Check. 4. Us the absolute best local talent that money can’t buy. Check. 4. Make the best feature length, $3000, movie ever made. Check!

The movie is beautiful and compelling, artistic and accessible, thought provoking and funny. We have it all. Every person involved in the project has been amazing. You all know who you are…. Thanks!

Whats next?

In the coming weeks we will be telling you about the radio interview that we did, posting more blog entries about our actors, and we will be putting up cast interviews soon. We need a little break but we will be putting together a trailer soon. Keep your eyes on OUR SITE to be the first ones to know what is new.

After a short vacation we are glad to be back and blogging again. We literally have been working so hard on the movie that we just could not even squeeze out 20 minutes to do a shout out to all our fans. That is how dedicated we are to making this the best $3000 movie ever.


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  1. Good Luck getting accepted to the SIFF! Saw you filming outside of Urban COFFEE Lounge. Curious what $3000 can do ( and a dedicated crew of course ). Can’t wait to see your movie.

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