Coffka…. What is it?

Coffka is a feature length movie that is currently under production in Seattle.

Who is directing the movie?

A soon to be famous indie director who is a graduate of the esteemed Seattle Film Instiute.

Who is in it?

Casting is open right now… Maybe you…

How far along is the movie?

The script and storyboard is complete. Right now we are looking for talented actors and actresses to shoot in the fall.

Ok great. But what exactly is Coffka?

This right now is a trade secret. You will have to wait to see the movie to find out.


14 Responses

  1. have you begun crewing for you film?

  2. sheilynne

    Thanks for your question. We are currently working through all of the people that we do and do not have working for us. As soon as we iron out those commitments we will put out a call for all the other necessary crew positions.

    -The Coffka Team

  3. I see that you guys are looking for a cast. Are you only looking at professional actors, or are you open to new talent?

  4. -Ahsan

    Thanks for your question. We are looking for the best fit for the role regardless of whether or not actor is a professional.

    -The Coffka Team

  5. What are the requirements to audition? Height and weight wise i mean. Are you looking for strickly skinny girls? Tall girls? Short? Chubby? ect..

  6. -Randi-Marie

    Thanks for your contribution. We are looking for people that fit the roles best regardless of their build. We have clear defined goals for each of our characters and we are actively reviewing all resumes to find the perfect fit.

    -The Coffka Team

  7. When will you begin fliming in the fall? Is there a set date or is it still up in the air? Is is based on the actors’ availability?

  8. -Tiffany

    We will begin filming on the first week of September. The schedule is in process and will be workably complete by tryouts. We will set the dates for filming enough in advance that we expect all actors to rework their schedules to fit into the shooting schedule.

    ____The Coffka Team____

  9. When is the last day that you will accept resumes from prospective actors/actresses? I wont receive my head shot prints until later this week.

  10. -Tiffany

    We will stop accepting resumes on August 8th.

    ____The Coffka Team____

  11. Are you paying the actors and do I need to have an union card?

  12. Are you additioning in portland

  13. We will not be holding auditions in Portland. Our auditioning will take place on Saturday August 16 in Seattle.


    ____The Coffka Team____

  14. Sloan,

    You do not need to be in a Union to be in this movie. This movie is all about large impact with a small footprint (please see the front page – “How Big Is Your Movie’s Footprint?” where we explore the topic further).

    All actors and staff will be making a contribution of their time and talent to the project because they believe in it and its message.


    _____The Coffka Team____

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